In-App notifications

Hey everyone,

I had an idea that may come up a bit stupid but why not. While we are not getting native notifications any time soon, why not creating “in app” notifications.

You may say, the main goal of notifications is to grab the attention of a user. Well, I agree. But no one said that you can’t grab it’s attention while he uses the app.

I can imagine many kind of notifications such as : “please complete this or that” / “new updates have been made to the guide” etc etc

This could be “easily” managed by a simple sheet where you may enter a title, an image, a description and a display time !

That could be a real game changer !

We could grab the attention of our users by many different ways (emails, SMS…)

Would love to hear your thoughts !

I’m thinking on similar lines. I’ve got modal pop ups in my app now and I’m using if-the-else ite columns based on times and conditions to work out when to make visible and what to display :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s a good alternative ! But I’d love something more efficient and well looking.

Once again I think that it could be a real game changer !

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I like it. Having access to a modal component could solve this. ie A semipermanent “show notification” that requires a click. You could set the condition for that modal to appear based on a user profile value and then create that component on every tab in your app. Could be a good first step until Glide provides a global in app notification functionality.


Good idea ! Custom actions coupled with this functionality could make a great deal :wink:

Would love to hear Glide position on that @Mark @Jason !

We don’t have a “position” on that, other than that in the long term obviously Glide should allow that.


I’m doing exactly this with a pop up I created and added a close button using image so the user can dismiss or take an action

I also think so, I once thought that if the notification is executed with an integromat between the google sheet and the telegram bot, when we create new data in the row it will automatically send a message via the telegram bot.

Unfortunately I haven’t tried it yet.

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