Help/Suggestion for a in-app chat notification

Hi Gliders,

I built a in-app chat, where User A and Chat with User B, by sending a chat request.
Data is collect in a chat sheet.

I want a have some way to notify User B, of an incoming chat request, without having to go to the chat tab, the notification must be in-app no matter which screen user B is in.

I have already tried modal with no luck, don’t want to use CSS as it breaks some button functions.

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Hey Amal, the way I’d do it is by setting a up a Zapier, so when the chat is created User B (Recipient) gets an e-mail notification. After that, if you are using the comments component, the app will notify you every time there’s a new message.
Hope it helps

Thanks for your swift response @PabloMFalero, but email is not an option for me, as i need the notification to be instant, The chat is used as part of tournament app, where users need to communicate to share game information to start their match. Also the comments component only works for Android users.

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Sorry it didn’t help!

Does that chat incoming modal show up as a notification only and you don’t have to show who is sending the message?

Just a general notification, may be with a button that takes you to chat tab (navigate to chat tab) where you can see all pending chats.