I need some pro advice on showing new comments

Hi all,
I have an app where peope can react on ideas.
Of course I know that notifications in the classic sense are not possible on the Mac. But what would you do to make the people concerned know there is a new reaction? These are my two ideas, but I know there are far more experienced people in this field.

My two directions:

  • Visible. When a new comment on a topic is added, a new row is added so an action can follow (higher number, different image).
  • Via mail. When a new comment on a topic is added, a new row is added so a mail to the idea-owner could be sent with a Zap as trigger.

Do these directions make sense, or would you do it different?

ADDED| plus: how do I get to the App:comments sheet that is in GS? Glide doesnt see it?

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Hi @erwblo,

I can’t remember who but there’s someone who, recently, accomplished something like this using the popup modal that @Lucas_Pires posted a few days back.

Let me browse the forum and see if I can find it.

Edit: Found it. Here’s the link:


Thanks for your help!

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If you want to use the data from App:comments elsewhere in your app, you can create another sheet and then use an arrayformula or query formula to keep the data in sync. I do this for my App:logins sheet. The formula looks like:

=QUERY({'App: Logins'!A1:A}, "SELECT * WHERE Col1 <> ''",FALSE)


Thank you!

Very soon Glide will have a native solution for sending an email and you won’t have to use zapier for the action.

Especially helpful if you plan on duplicating the app.

Cheers. Best of luck

Edit: The email compound action is live in pro apps.

@SantiagoPerez, I was able to do a popup, but still have no way to close the popup if its in another tab, same tab is easy to close. :smiley:

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Thanks, that’s good to know!

What I do is as you said. Duplicate a sheet so Glide can see it, take the latest comment to show it on the “front”. The email is taken care of by the Zap, which doesn’t need the duplicated sheet anyway.

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No idea how your flow goes. But how about having a template in each tab that at the same time creates a relation when the modal makes an increment.

Maybe either @ThinhDinh or @Robert_Petitto has an idea on how to accomplish what you want using compound actions.

Robert has a video tutorial on how to make increments on different tabs using compound actions.


A thought would be to bring the same value using single value to all tabs that you want the modal, then when an action happens then a condition will hide the modal.