Need a notification when has new messagaes or comment in app

I have one app and degsin chat and comment. But when anyone send new messages ỏ comment in app. I don’t know and follow it

I hope there will be a notification icon and display the number of new messages, to let users know if you send and follow!

Yes, I understand. But the point here is for admin and can be used for both iOS operating systems to monitor the interaction between viewers and administrators in a timely manner.

For now, you could try creating a Zap that does this.

Yep, but zapier can only work to send a notif to a target, aka the owner or dev of the app, no?

Yes - sorry, I thought that was what you wanted.

I’m sure you could find a way of notifying your users via Zapier - but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’d have to get permission from them and the experience might not be that great.

Hum… yes, you’re right @JackVaughan :+1:t2:

Let’s find a way to disrupt the way app users are notified or “are up to date”.