When will Glide Pages offer Comments/Notifications?

Apps allow comments components and new messages pop up in notifications centre (for android devices but not iOS devices as yet)
Just checking if Glide pages offers a similar comments feature which allows notifications to pop up (even if it’s only for android)

I haven’t seen any news about this. Going forward, even if they bring comments over to Pages, I hope there will be enhances to that because not allowing users to edit/delete their comments isn’t a great experience.

I built comments into my app today. Only took 30 mins or so. Quite straightforward assuming you are familiar enough with Glide.

Perfectly possible without a dedicated component.

Hope that helps.

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Only downside is it eats into your rows count, but there’s a lot of upside when you have control over your setup.

Do your comments pop up in the notification centre of your mobile device, like a banner at the top or even on the home screen when the phone is locked (like standard notifications)
That’s what i’m really after, they said its available now on apps for android (not iOS) but i would like to know when comments will be added to glide pages specifically (as pages is becoming the new apps)
Messaging inside the app is possible using various solutions, i would like to send a message from my Glide page to someone else and when they see the notification banner and click it, they’ll end up inside the same Glide Page on the correct comment thread (but on their device)