Comment notifications

I don’t see the feature of notifications to row owner when comment comes? The same should be possible for all comment creators in one thread!

Do you mean native notifications for Android users, with a comments component?

In the same way we use the component “Send mail”, it is needed to send e-mail to the participants in commenting, as well as to the owner of the row which one is commented. Similarly to the standard billboard function, with the opt-in feature “Do you want to receive notification from this thread?”.
In addition, it would be fine to have the possibility of adding components to the comment entry form. Now we have only the comment entry form where the context is NOT displayed!
It affects all clients, not only Andorid ones!

The native comments component has limited functionality, and doesn’t support actions.

To do what you want would be possible, but essentially would involve creating your own comments module - in a similar way that others have implemented in-app chat functionality in the past.

Or if your App is connected to a Google Spreadsheet, you could probably do something with Apps Script by watching the App: Comments sheet.

If you think it’s important that Glide should natively support this type of functionality, you could create a post in the #feature-requests category.

Personally I don’t think it would be given a high priority, but that’s just my view.

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Agree, but decent billboard functionality is not easy to be developed with Glide. I have separate table for comments copies, but there is no possibility of threading. Glide should implement billboard functionality on the top of commenting.