Comments Notifications

I currently only have access to iOS products. I previously ran apps on a PC and could see all the comments as pop-ups on my computer. Now I can’t test what I need to know, so I need your help.

Will EVERY comment pop up for those who have PC/Android and have allowed notifications? I want to limit which comments come through as pop-ups. I know how to limit the component itself to those I want to see it.

There is no feature set for this yet. It’s all or nothing as determined by the end user. It would be a nice enhancement once Apple allows announcements in PWAs.

Would adding row owners to the comments do anything?

If you had row owners applied to a row, then it’s most likely that a user wouldn’t be able to comment on that item anyway, if they are not a row owner.

Notifications work like this: If a user makes a comment then they will be notified of new responses for that specific item…but only if they made a comment themselves, and only if they are not currently viewing the screen that contains those comments.


Perfect! That’s all I needed it to do.

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