In-app Notifications 🔔

Actually it is in home screen.

I used a html and css code to provide that “modal box” and a X png image with increment action to count when the user close or not

Adding to it, I also set the visibility of all the other components in my home screen to show up only when the X increment column is equals to 1

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And I guess the 2 videos I post It’s not working :thinking: sorry for that guys

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hey! could you explain how?


Maybe someday :woozy_face:

It is very good idea. Congratz. I just wonder to know, Did you use like google sheet functions or add a log for every step?

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Thanks @Bahadir_Kaya

Everything in data editor actually

Nice app, I like the welcome page

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Thank you @joderson

Wonder application! However, could you kindly share with us how you made your logo appear on top of the page instead of the tab name ?

Thanks in advance

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Você é um dos melhores! :+1:

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Hey @Lucas_Pires ,

The links to the videos don’t seem to be working, can you please share a video how it works? also a small descriptions on how you set it up, i tried looking it up on your YT channel, but did not find anything.

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