Tab notification icons

I have a tab in my app where I send students “inbox messages”. Is there a way to add a notification icon to a tab so that they know they need to go into that tab and check for new information from me?


+100% would be fantastic but, I fear, not currently possible

Alright, well maybe someday…

Hey @Todd_Lichtenwalter, I used 2 tabs to do it, and a little trick of using 2 types of icons :grin:

Take a look if it helps you


Hi Lucas, can I see a screenshot of your data editor so I can understand? thank you

What exactly?

I logged into the app but I don’t see the notification trick. What am I looking for/how do I make show?

because the notifications happens when someone comments in your “seed” or, when someone you follow add something in the app

I tried to show how it works


ahhhh, ok . Smart, thank you!

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Glad that helped you!

This is a genius solution, for now until something like modals become available!



Thank you @ehdubya :facepunch: