Access to another user's "user-specific" data?

Hi there, in my app, I have a sheet with movies. One of the columns is a user-specific “Like” column.

Now I’d like to filter the movie list to get only the intersection between what the current user liked, and what another user of the app liked.


  • I liked “Jurassic Park”, “E.T” and “2001 Space Odyssey”
  • The other user liked “Indiana Jones”, “Jurassic Park” and “Jaws”
  • The app returns “Jurassic Park” only

Do you have any idea if and how this is achievable?

User-specific data, at the moment, can’t be accessed that way. You have to record the “like” in your data as independent rows for this to happen.

Damn. Does that means I have to use the sheet like a relational database? That for each like, I have to create one new row in a “likes” sheet, with a reference key to the corresponding movie?

Yes that’s true. Rollups over user-specific data, or accessing data the way you want is tricky and hasn’t been rolled out yet even in staging mode.

Yeah, that was my feeling as well since I couldn’t find a way to query data from a different sheet :frowning:

There may be a way to mashup data in a new sheet using relations only though… I’ll have to think about it…