User specific column HELP!

Sorry, I know this is going to sound bad but I’ve got myself confused and need a bit of guidance. I’ve built an APP that uses a custom form (It steps through progressive screens) and I ran into a problem, If there were 2 users logged in using the same form they clashed and updated each other’s information. So I moved to “User Specific Columns” which solved the problem. Now I’m building a new app with the same principle but I want a list where everyone can see each other’s entries, currently lists only show the data associated with that logged-in user. I hope that makes some kind of sense
Thanks so much in advance

Using User Specific Column in a Custom form is correct, but when the form is submitted and a new row is created, the new row should be added to a table that does not use user specific columns.

If the above doesn’t makes sense to you, please show a screen shot of the table/s involved and I’ll help point out what I mean.


@Darren_Murphy thanks you so much, that worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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