How to make user specific app for multi-user

I have built an app for data entry and I have kept a check on a particular data duplicity using user specific columns and relation. But I am facing an issue that over-writes the entry in a form when multiple users are making the same entry. Is there a way around to make entries separate for multiple users working on the same data sheet?

Sounds like you are using a Custom Form, yes?
When using custom forms, it is very important that all of your input components are directed at user specific columns. This will prevent the issue that you’ve described.

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Yes… I am using custom forms.
Regarding your proposed solution, I can see that all the input components are directed at user specific columns in your custom form app (Animal data entry app). Still, if you add animals from different users, it over-writes one user entry to another at the time of editing. Can you check that?

No, that is impossible when you use User Specific Columns.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy. I was struggling on this for days… Its working!

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