Public form submission

Hey Gliders, so I came across this huge problem.

So I made this public app (It’s private for now tho)

With a form submission
there are options
Plus details entering columns

but when multiple users enter the form at the same time. It gets messed up for everyone.

Suppose I choose an option
And someone else choose a different option at the same time. So it gets updated in my app as well.

How can I solve this issue.

Please need help! :sob:


Two options:

Either use a native glide form, which will not give you this same issue.

Or, since it sounds like you are using a custom form, write the values to user specific columns instead of regular columns.


Woah thank you soo much @Jeff_Hager
You are a life saver man​:sparkles::100::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:
I appreciate you a lot

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Here’s a guide on how to make a working custom form.

For native forms, as Jeff said, you won’t face this issue, since it already does what custom forms do, without you having to add as many user-specific columns as you need for entries. However, with custom forms, you’re more flexible on validation, as far as I aware.

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