3 sharing issues

  1. The link receiver sees an old app icon
  2. The link is very long, therefore ugly to see and could it be more ‘personal’ or customizable?
  3. The sharing menu seems bugged atm showing only small apps icons.

The second point is because you are sharing a screen and not the app, it shows the row id or something like that, that’s why the link is so long

I know, that doesn’t solve the problem.

Has the link receiver downloaded the app before? Our devices aggressively cache app icons.

You could try having him reset the browser / cookies

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Regarding point 2, the address is long because there is a lot of information encoded in that url, which directs the app to the correct location in the app through the correct heirarchy path. If you have the same detail screen accessible through multiple different tabs, it takes you to the correct tab that the url was shared from. You could consider a url shortening service that gives you shorter urls.

And to address point 3, the sharing menu is your phone’s sharing menu. The way it looks is not controlled by glide in any way.

How can I share a short url from the glide app?
However, the idea would be that the link would be composed by ‘the components of the page shared’, like in websites, it could be automatic or decided by the user, eg facebook the link will just be facebook.com/myuniquename; in my app I could decide what component names the link, and glide would operate the connection between my custom link and the glide ‘numerical’ link.
It would be very nice, the top would be to have a preview connected to a custom image too

Expanding on what @Eric_Penn said above,

Operating systems cache icons that way users can view the icon offline. The only way to update the icon is for the user to uninstall and then reinstall. Or to view it in a browser tab.

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There might be some posts around here where people that have done it, but you would need a set column action executed somewhere in your app that would write the deep link to a sheet, then a script, zap, or integromat integration that would read that url and run it through a third party url shortening service and write the resulting short url back to the sheet.

I’m sure there’s some technical reasons for the url being as long as it is that we just don’t understand. What I do know, is that when you decode it, there’s a lot of info, such as rowid, tab number and additional app info to help it get to the right screen. It’s not just a random string of text. Like I said, it’s probably so it knows which tab and hierarchy to navigate through to get to the correct view… especially if you have multiple ways to get to the same row in the app?