Subdomain w/ subpage?

For those that are experts with webservers— this one’s for you.

I have a pro app with a custom domain…let’s say

I have deeplinking available for my users. I can successfully navigate to a profile by going to

Can I instead, somehow, create a subpage on this subdomain called that will navigate to the same deeplink within the app? If so, how would I go about this?

Thanks for any and all help!

Yes, possible. It’s called URL Redirection. But you need access to the webserver configuration, which I assume you don’t have? (or do you?)

Specifics of how it would be configured depend of the flavour of web server. Here’s the associated docs for Apache.


Also you can just ask support , in most cases they will direct you to a tutorial. I have apps on wix, google servers, godaddy, webflow, and of course our company servers, all of which linked me to a tutorial…except the company I work for, they had no idea.

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For URL redirection that would still ultimately result in the long, ugly URL once the address has been redirected and resolved…no?

I’m looking for a pretty permalink of the long URL

Yes, that’s correct. But the same thing happens if you use a URL shortener.
Is that really a problem though?
The average user doesn’t really pay much attention to the URL in their browser bar, eh?

Actually @Robert_Petitto, thinking a bit more about this, I may be wrong. It’s a while since I’ve done any web server admin stuff, so I’m a bit rusty. But what you’re looking for might be doable, especially given that you’re redirecting within the same domain. You can probably set it up in such a way that the longer URL is kept hidden from the end user. Do you know which web server you’re dealing with? (IIS/Nginx/Apache/etc?). I could probably do some digging and get a definitive answer.

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If it were just for me, no problem. A client doesn’t want that…they want a permalink…like a dedicated cname for that deep link.

Well, they can do that if they have control over their DNS.
Could probably be automated, too.

Except, it would need to work the other way around, ie. instead of, it would be


Also, you can trigger full screen in your script so the url bar doesn’t even show when they get to the site

If i’m not wrong and I don’t know if this is the case in a web server of mine you can redirect and URL example… reaching the link you want BUT with another function called their IMMOBILIZER, which locks in the URL bar the name you are using in A
so you reach URL B ( but in the URL bar you have
Could it be useful?

A suggestion, I’m not sure if this works: have a simple node server which runs under a subdomain of yours e.g.
The server reads the incoming short and nice links ( and redirects to the the long deep link of your Glide screen. The node server could read to the google sheet/airtable/… or have a static json file for the matching.

Here they describe a similar approach: How to Build a Custom URL Shortener using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB | Engineering Education (EngEd) Program | Section,
You can eliminate the MongeDB part by doing this: Getting Started with Google Sheets API in Node.js | Engineering Education (EngEd) Program | Section