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Hi all
We have an existing website I’m replacing with a glide app and I’ve successfully linked glide to my domain, so my glide app is now at rather than the glide url.

However I want to create links - either subdomains i.e. or links i.e. to forward some traffic. The use case is permanent QR codes on physical signs so I want to be able to future proof these in case we change from glide or links change.

Annoyingly my provider (LCN) doesnt seem to do subdomain forwarding although querying this. I’m wondering if its possible to connect glide to my domain by also, separately, have type urls set up somehow?

Any thoughts? Cheers

You can try adding Slugs to your tabs.

Yes I’ve got that. This is more about me future proofing it if we change from glide or glide changes the url structure. I don’t think I’ve explained well.

We own which is a website for paragliding club. I’ve successfully ‘set up custom domain’ so glide points at this (a trial site in fact, but confident in the approach)

Alongside the website development in glide We are putting physical signs on our sites with a QR code to link to a specific site page. don’t want to change the signs if the url it links to changes. I don’t want to use the glide url in case it changes or we move away from glide. But I want a ‘hard coded’ url that links to a glide page.

The point I’m getting at is that any urls that use slugs would be easy to apply to another website if you needed to, but you would be limited to anything with a slug at a top tab level. So yes, it could potentially work in your case depending on which specific screen you urls would be pointing to.

As an alternative, just use a url shortening service. Then you can create short urls that redirect to any full url you want.

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