Deep Link changes to point to a different page

My app’s URL:

I created a deep link from a profile page titled “Trias Massage Jakarta” then shortened it using so the profile owner can access it more easily. In the beginning it linked to the page correctly, but now it pointed to another profile page “Pijat Panggilan Kang Budi…” while maintaining the title of “Trias Massage Jakarta”.

This results in the profile owner using and sharing the wrong profile. And now if we look up the correct profile and share the link, the deep link has changed.

Original Deep Link (created on 28 Dec 2020):

Original Deep Link (shortened on 28 Dec 2020):

New Deep Link (that points to the correct profile, as of today 4 Jan 2021):

The original profile page, title and profile details are the same

The wrong profile page which combines the correct title with the wrong profile