Anyone else with issues with Deeplinks?

My Deeplinks seem not to be working anymore. Instead of going to the linked screen, it seems to land on the home page. Is anyone else having this issue with deep links.

At first I thought it might be visibility conditions but it’s not visibility conditions.

If you’re grabbing a deep link while editing the app, it’s not going to work properly (because it’s linking to the app builder). For instance (note the different URL structure):

  1. Deep link copied from the builder would contain

https://go.glide apps .com/app/…

  1. Deep link copied from app itself would contain


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Thank you for the response @MegannLock , much appreciated.

What you have stated is true, however my problem seems to be happening inconsistently. I am starting to think it might be a browser problem. I am using Chrome on an Android device. I will test the links from other devices just to try and diagnose the problem further before I can confidently report as a bug.

I do appreciate your response regardless.

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Yeah! It’s possible it could vary across devices/browsers!

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Have your made substantial design changes to the app after the deep link was created? Could be that it’s not able to navigate to the correct spot in the app if things have moved around, such as tabs being added or removed, or tabs being reordered.


The deep link depends on the position (order) of the tab in the builder, hence if the “mother” tab of your details screen is moved up or down the link changes → keep the tab as high up as possible, e.g. second position.
If you want to know what tab position (parameter t) is encoded in your link simply decode the part after dl/ with using UTF-16LE
If you change the accessibility of the mother tab, so that your user can’t see it, also the deep link shouldn’t be accessible (from my experience) and the deep links leads to the home screen


Thanks for this…