Can I shorten the deep link url?

See below. Would love a short link.

I think the only option for now is to run it through a URL shortener.


This sounds like a plugin opportunity!


In case you haven’t come across any posts yet…those deep links are base64 encoded with a lot of information to help the app navigate to the correct row on the correct tab of the app…along with some additional information. It’s not just random characters.

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It does. But ideally, Glide would just do this for us.

Hi Jeff, I can imagine.

But if we have a Generate QR Code column, is it a big lift for the Glide team to add a Generate Short URL? Or even just do it for us for deep links?

Understood that they have many fish to fry, so easy doesn’t make it a priority new feature.


You can use the Bitly shortened plugin in GS. It then shortens it. But you need the paid version of it to auto convert if many are generated on the fly.

If it’s just a handful, then the free version requires you to shorten it one by one.

Thanks, @kingzy. Are you referring to me manually shortening after I copy from Glide and before I paste it to another page like a FB post?

I’m looking for an automated solution. Can I access the link from inside Glide and convert it using a Glide column?

I was referring to using this plugin:

If you pay for the premium, then it can be automated.

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If you have a place where you can host a php page with a mysql database you can try
Yourls has a nice api too

Try this from @SantiagoPerez. It’s pretty simple and it works perfectly.


How does deep links work with email sign in apps?
is it possible?

As long as you have a rowID, I think deep links should work regardless of you using a public app or requiring people to sign in.

see my suggestion here, maybe it helps:
p.s. I don’t know how to link the topic correctly

But be aware, that deep links depend on the position of the tab in the builder, hence the “home tab” of the details screen (which is the target of the deep link) should ideally be on the first position, otherwise there is high risk that the deep link breaks without notice (if you e.g. delete or move tabs)

The deep links seem to work. It’s just that they are very long so don’t look great when you copy/paste them into eg a Facebook or LinkedIn post.

Please try this.


Hi @ThinhDinh - I’m leary of the “never-ending spinning” on iPhones.

It’s not happening to me. Please try it your side to see if it happens.

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This has been fixed.


I finally got around to trying this.

How do I reference the Glide-generated deep link in order to shorten it?

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