Can I shorten the deep link url?

You need to write the value to a column using a set column action.


If you don’t want to store it in a column, my suggestion is an action like this in the inline list that shows the “item”:

1/Show details view
2/Webhook/Zapier action that has the “link to current screen” as a value to pass to Integromat/Zapier.

I assume you’re writing the shortened deep link back to Glide, if you’re using, so your custom action branch that includes the Webhook/Zapier action only needs to run when the shortened link column is not empty, else just show details view.


is it possible to shorten and give a link preview that’s specific for the linked app’s page?
Like for internet websites that you can decide to have a certain image, title and description in the link’s preview, that would be awesome to have

I tried link preview on a deeplink and it only gives the app icon and description… not a screenshot of the deeplink’s screen

I know, yet the link is waaay too long for me to be confortable with it.

There should just be a way to tell the app what’s the image, the title and the description to show in the link’s preview

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