Save deep links to database

Is there a way to get all (in one time) deep links to the database ?

I need to generate all these links in QR code.

I have +1000 items and I can’t imagine create a custom action and after click on each item to get the URL in database.

Thank you for your help

I think you could adapt the method that @Darren_Alderman used below…

Thanks Darren, I was thinking to this solution but I hoped find more conventional solution :slight_smile:

Only works on public apps unfortunately

One option is to use Axiom to go into a screen, then push a button to set the current link to a column in your database, but then you have to go back to the previous screen for the next iteration as well.

I was thinking if you can construct a template URL and then encode it to match with Glide’s way to derive deep links.