Any way to store the deep link of all items?


I´d like to create a custom link for each store in my app and I was thinking on how to save the deep link for all of items listed on my tab “Stores” into any place. So, I can build something to create these custom links.

On my tab “Stores” I have one line per store with all of it´s details (name, logo, etc).

The idea is to redirect from the deep link provided by Glide to something like:<name_of_the_store>

Any idea on how to handle this ?

There’s no automation yet…it had to be created via a manual trigger (usually a button or accessing the details page via inline list.)

You could have a button on the store owner’s page to “create store url” that writes the url to the deep link column via the set column action. Only show this button when deep link column is empty.

Then, you can change the button to a “share store url” button via visibility condition once that deep link column “is not empty”.


Hi Robert!

Yeah, I think I will need to use this approach at least until Glide provide us a way to save it in advance.


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Here’s another approach:


Great! It can also help!

Watching your video I had an insight… Maybe I can add an action to insert the deep link in a column when user is concluding the store creation. I will do a test latter today to ensure it works. So, I can have the URL as soon as user finishes the creation. With that in hands I can start to figure out how to automate the redirects into a .htacess file or something like that.

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Interesting use of Floating Buttons and Sharing feature!

Some questions:

How does the “write deep link to column, then create a QR code” work? How you get the QR code to populate so fast?

Is the QR Code coming up in a webview?

Again, cool UX! :ok_hand:t2:

It is! QR code is generated via Quick Charts and then viewed in a webview.

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Awesome! Cool use case! So you just use the Quickchart as the URL for the webview…as a template I assume?

You got it!

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Sweet! Thanks Robert!

You should be able to use the quickchart url in an image component as well.

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Roberto always giving us a MasterClass. :slight_smile: