Storing and Updating Deep Links Automatically?

Looking to see if there is a way to store a deep link and if there are any changes to that deep link, automatically update it.

Pretty frustrating if you change something, the deep link changes as well, causing big potential issues for me.

Basically, I have setup a Link in Bio type of app, where users can build their own personal profile and include things about themselves and posts they’ve made. I’ve created a Rebrandly link based off their profile’s deep link, which they can then copy and share it within their social media profile.

Problem is, if I end up updating/editing their profile tab, the deep link changes, thus making the Rebrandly link invalid. I have a button in place to Update the Rebrandly link, but thats a manual process. In addition, I dont really know what exactly triggers a change in the deep link, so I only know if someone tells me its not working. And if it doesnt work for 1 person, it doesnt work for everyone.

What I’d like is if the deep link can be stored and then if there is a change, its also changed. I can then trigger a Zapier event to automatically update the Rebrandly link, thus never having to worry about an incorrect deep link.

Or I am open to other suggestions/workarounds.


Thinking maybe setting a separate app tied to the same google sheet, but houses just the public profiles. This way the profiles are still updated content wise, but I never risk having it mess up

How are you currently getting the deep link to the Sheet? Last time I try the set column did not work at all.

I dont currently store any deep links into my sheets. I have a button on each public profile that sends the deep link to Rebrandly via Zapier to create a custom link. I then use Zapier to update that same User’s Row in my sheet with the Rebrandly link.

I also use a button to update the deep link in Rebrandly pretty much the same way. I just dont want to have to manually go into each profile and update their deep link if it gets changes for some reason.

Here’s my attempt to decode that from a few months ago.

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Yea it would be good to know what influences the deep link so you know ahead of time if your actions will cause a change. I know I moved the tab from the 3rd tab to the 2nd and it caused the link to change as well.

So I just created a 2nd App that uses the same sheet, but will only host the public profiles. Therefore, I can manipulate my primary app while not risking of messing up the deep links for the public profiles. Hoping that keeps things more stable.