Link shortener with Experimental column

Has anyone tried to use the experimental column to shorten the “Link to screen” links that are long…

I would like to be able to shorten links via API through the experimental column without having to do it manually everytime you have to shorten the links.
My question is whether this can be done with the experimental code column or not…

I have not played around with this column and was around if anyone did try already and succeed or fail.
@Manu.n @ThinhDinh
your inputs would be highly appreciated :pray:

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Hola @Luther

Check this out.

Let me know if that’s what you are looking for.


Wow…works like a charm. Did you use the experimental code column with this? Or Construct URL?
What service provider did you use. It does the trick perfectly :hugs:

I used David’s fetch column, Construct URL and This API

Here are Screenshots
Construct URL:

Experimental Column with David’s code

Caveat: This column has a never-ending spinning on loading on iPhones. It works well with Androids.


Thanks a lot @SantiagoPerez
I will have a pop at this later on with a fresh mind. For now I need some time off the screen…lol…
Much appreciated :pray:

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Does it cache shortened URLs or it will return a new one every time?

I didn’t test that. @ThinhDinh 🤦🏿

Edit: It seems that it actually caches it.

Edit 2: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


Thanks @SantiagoPerez this is great.

Weirdly when i try to share the link via button (on iOS) it works for me on some links and not others. Even within the same inline list of items.


I’m not sure I’m following.

I can say though that for some reason it never loads for me on iOS. If that’s what you mean.

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I used the column to generate a shortened link for each row in a list, then attached the link to a button w/ share action.

On iOS, the button only opens the share menu for some of the links (often requiring multiple taps of the button).

Going directly to the URL from the GDE there are no issues, but for some reason iOS isn’t liking some of the generated links when they’re attached to a button. Strange!

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I see what you mean. iOS is being exclusive as usual.

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Anyone tried app opener links generator?
Like this

That’s awesome @SantiagoPerez!! :fire:
Im already thinking in some use cases to use it!

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I just tested this and it worked. I am going to play around with it and try to combine some actions behind buttons to help my users to generate share links for their pages on my platform…

Linktree move over, Glide is “gliding” through…

Thank you @SantiagoPerez for this…:fire::fire::100::hugs:

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