🆕 Deep Links

Do you have Row ID’s in your sheet?


It was weird, it didn’t work but then I changed the link if the app and re changed it back and it worked.

Yet… Is good thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, see my answer to mark. Was weird thing.

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My desire for deep links:

So @Mark, I found something which I’m not sure if this is a bug or the expected behavior.
this is the scenario:
i have a pgae which all users can see (meeting setting appointment page).
when I get to the page from a page that unauthorized user can’t see the link is not working and the user is being thrown to a page he can view (home screen) but when I get to the page and take the deep link from a page all users can view (no visibility limitations) ut works ok and the un-authorized user can access the details page.

  1. it seems that a detail page has different links pending on the page you arrived from which is wrong behavior to my point of view as each page should have only one link.
  2. when you click a link from outside the system it looks like the link is opening the list page briefly and only then the details screen you want which again shouldn’t be working like this to my view of course (or expectation to be more accurate).

see the video for the better understanding.


Those are definitely different links, which means different data is encoded inside the link. I’m guessing part of it is to tell glide which tab to navigate to, then which list item in that tab to open.

I think there is a lot to the inner workings of that link that we don’t know or realize. I suppose that since the tab is hidden, glide can’t complete the navigation into the list item of that tab and just defaults to the first tab. I also suppose that glide is building the link in a way that will take you to the correct tab that you shared the information from. Imagine if you had 5 tabs with the same list on each of them, and you shared an item from the third tab. Which tab would you expect the deep link to open?

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I understand your point but I would like to be able to get to the details page directly and that glide will take me back to a screen I can view if I hit the back button and not block the way to the page.

But, I did find a workaround which is not pretty but works.
I guess I’ll have to wait for glide to have a deep link to the top level details screen and then my problem will be over in this app all together :smiley:


I believe in actions there is the ability to set a column value with the deep link. I suppose you could try setting it up to set the column value with the deep link through some action like adding a row or editing or something like that, but it might be more work and a pain than it’s worth. Then you could share the column value that was set earlier with the deep link instead of directly sharing the deep link. Not sure how well that would all work though.

I actually did that but the problem is that you can do this only after a page is created and you’re in it, second problem is that if I click this button from the editor then the link is set to the editor and not the real deep link.
I guess I can set a condition that if the cell is not empty to write the link otherwise no.
Will try and let you know


Has the deep link with actions ever worked in real apps? It gives me the editor link inside the editor and doesn’t work in real app last time I tried.

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Yes, it works ok with some limitations. Will try to record a screen for you later to see

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hey @yinon_raviv, FYI it looks like we are wrestling with similar deep link issues. In my case, I am making a bio link feature like linktree for my app.

I am gonna make a standalone post when I figure it out, but here’s a link to a “development diary” of sorts: Profile sharing / invite friends

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Deep links are essentially a path that navigates to a screen in an app. If the steps that lead to that screen have visibility restrictions that are not met then the link will not work. This is the behavior you are seeing correct?


Yes, I’m used to website where each page has a dedicated link and you can jump right into it.
I figured what you said while developing the app and I think I might have an ok workaround. Once completed will share.

Hi @Wiz.Wazeer your app link is broken, do you by chance still have this demo somewhere? I’d like to put a link into a rich text component - but it’s to VCF cards which would be a different link for each details screen. Is this even possible? As of now I can make a button to share the VCF (it’s a link to the file hosted on Glide) but the shared link looks terrible and suspect…

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Hi @a.manda,

I am working on that template, adding all the latest stuff. The rich text example freezes on iPhone I checked, but on android I don’t know. I have not tried with VCF links and I doubt they would work (unless some1 has tried them successfully)…have you considered “navigate to tab” > link to screen under compound action…it’s an effective alternative unless of course the link is to an external site.

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I tried making a button that shares a link to the details screen (alternative to the VCF thing) but learned that does not work unless the app is public. (Which makes sense for security)

The links are external - hosted by Glide but are external to the app screens. Just trying to avoid displaying Glide’s unchangeable file naming structure:

Since the rich text solution is buggy I’ll next try rehosting on Google Drive instead :crossed_fingers:t2:


Wouldn’t this just be a template column built with the markdown text and link, used to fill a rich text component?

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Sorry Jeff, just realized my long game wasn’t obvious here - @Wiz.Wazeer had shared his “bury long link inside rich text component” method in a few different posts and this is the one that has better context for what I’m trying to do.

I have handmade (:roll_eyes:) VCFs for all my contacts and uploaded them via Glide onto every details screen. Along with an “Add To Contacts” button (which just links to the VCF and loads it straight up) I have a “Share This Contact” button which is attached to the action “Show sharing options” with data being set to the VCF link. Since Glide renames all uploaded files this share action results in a bunch of shady-looking jibberish being shared - see my phone screenshot above your reply.

I thought the rich text component method was a possible solution to this problem, but now I’m unsure of that? I was able to build a rich text component that holds the link per your instructions:

CleanShot 2020-12-27 at 04.47.56

And thank you because that’s SO COOL all on its own - but I’m not seeing how to apply it to my previously-not-clear problem. First off, I can’t attach this rich text component to my share button (right?) and secondly, if I directly attach the template column to my share button it STILL displays the shady looking gibberish when I click to share. Seems like no matter how I mask the gibberish the act of sharing cuts down to the actual file name :frowning:

I tried as a solution hosting the VCFs on Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud but none of those services load the file correctly as a contact card like Glide does. (They all load it into their proprietary windows and not as a raw file) Seems like my only solution is finding a “real” web host…?


OK, I see what you are saying. I would agree with a third party host to avoid the weird name. I’m not aware of a good way to mask a file name or at least in my experience I haven’t had to deal with that unless you are actually building your own host website with code. I think it will download with whatever name it has. As for the other services you’ve tried, I would do some research on other url formats they offer or additional query parameters that you can add to the url. Sometimes the base url will take you directly to their page, but with the correct url or parameters, you can get the direct download.

This is an excerpt I found while searching for dropbox

To get a direct download link, just paste your link into a text editor and replace the www.dropbox.com with dl.dropboxusercontent.com , which will give you a link like: