2nd Related Field Only Accepts 1st Record

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Describe the bug:
When a 2nd related field is created, it only accepts the 1st related record. If there is more than 1 related record that should be appearing in the related field, it does not show. For example:

  • I have 2 tables
  • They have 2 relational fields. The 1st relational field works fine. The 2nd relational field links the Name field in Table 1 to the Category field in Table 2
  • If a record is entered in Table 2 and the category filled in to match the Name field in Table 1, the record appears, as expected in the related field in Table 1
  • If the above step is repeated for a 2nd entry, it does not appear in the related field

Does anyone have any idea why?

Very grateful for your help in advance…

Would you mind adding a screen shot that demonstrates the issue?

Do you have the Multiple checkbox selected in your relation column?

Thanks so much to you both for your time. I will post a screenshot as soon as I can on Wednesday but yes, the multiple check is selected…

Unbelievably, it was indeed the Multiple Check not being selected; I could have sworn it was but, seems to now fix the issue. Thanks so much for your time…

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