"Zombi" Record which I can't delete

Part of my testing, I added a record then deleted it (from App).
However, this specific record is still showing from App but not showing in GDE nor in Google Sheet.
Also, the edit but is “greyed-out”!!

How can I get rid of this record! (Seem it system lost its reference point)


I restarted browser and this record disappeared !


@adelhammoud you can also set your replies you got it/it worked as a “solution” of your posts :wink:

This way we get all Bugs posts resolved when it’s something you realized moments later


Hi Lucas,

I am not sure that “restating “ will qualify as a solution, right !

Thanks, Adel

Once it’s not a bug actually

Got ya –

But I don’t get any notification that bug is resolved so I can validate and then place to solutions once so