Need help, app not able to delete record

I have the pro version and currently have 1 google sheet with 8 tabs. each tab representing a physical warehouse, my app is very simple that first column is the item ID and second column is the rack location within that warehouse.

my problem is that, it’s been a week none of the people can delete and records, despite they are given add/edit/delete permissions. The issue is very easy to simulate, create a new testing row(works well), then delete it. Now the row is gone from the app, but it is still there in the google sheet, and if the app on the device gets refreshed, the record will come back.

Please help!

Can you share with us the link of the app? Probably @Mark can have a look at this for you later on.

This should be fixed now.

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Just came back the factory to learn the wonderful news! Thank you sir!


It works great!