Missing record or data refreshing takes time

Sent an email related to my issue. I post here in case someone else encounter same issue.
Issue: on my app, the data for some time is keep on disappearing in random occasion. I noticed it happen whenever I edit some record using the app. Then after some time the data will appear again(some times 5mins, or longer then the data will come back.). It is very strange , Im not sure what triggers the issue.
Initially I thought it was the array formula I created in the googlesheet, but now I have remove it but still issue is there.

My App/Pages Support link:
Learn how to create one: https://gl.ink/slink

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You can create one using https://www.loom.com/

Can you send a video recording the problem? Have you submitted this to the support team through the link below?


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Yes I have submitted to support team with video, and support link.
Thank you for the direct link.

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