Zapier integration - No Zaps configured in zapier

Hi all

Im trying to integrate zapier in my new app and for some reason I get the message :
Np Zaps configured in Zapier.
I have a zap configured using my API.
Is there a delay before glide see it ?
Is there a way to verify it?
Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 3.08.54 PM

@mbaril010, Can you confirm your Zap is turned on in Zapier?

Hi @Seth_Rosetter
yes the zap is on.

@mbaril010 If you refresh the page, do you see the Zap?

The refresh did work. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

I still have a problem of chicken and the egg.
When I ask for Zap to pull the data it can’t get the updated data and therefore fail. I cant start the zap.
If I dont start the zap, I cant send the data?
Any idea what I could do @Seth_Rosetter

@mbaril010, when you set up the Zap for the first time it will just pull sample values (“Sample Value 1, etc”) to allow the Zap configuration to complete. In the Glide builder, when you configure values to send, these will overwrite the sample values set during Zap configuration and the new data will be provided from your Glide app.

It is correct. But the problem is some zap action request a valid value. For example, I am looking for email since Sample Value 1 is not a valid email I can go through this step. The work around I did was to add Sample Value 1 as an email in my database to be able to go through the step.
What is the refresh rate of the app ?