Zapier Bug: Deleting Zaps

Hey everyone, just wondering if anybody has encountered the same situation with zapier:

I have 2 zaps setup for my app… one zap sends a welcome email when the user signs up (triggered by a button with the multi-step setup). After that, I setup their profile on the backend and click a “Finish” button which will then trigger a different zap to send with some other information that was not included in the previous email.

I have been able to connect and successfully run both zaps during testing… however, when I run zap #1, my other zap (zap #2) disappears and I am no longer able to link the button to the second zap.

This is pretty frustrating as it would nice to make these processes automated. Has anybody experienced this problem and/or found a solution?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think it’s happened to me before. Odds are, something in the first Zap is causing the second Zap to break, thus no longer appearing in Glide. I would take another look at that first Zap and see.

I think I had to recreate my Zaps and waited for my second to finally work lol.

My 1st zap was: create a rebrandly link with deep link and set column with rebrandly link.

My 2nd zap was: update existing rebrandly link with deep link