๐Ÿ†• You can now add new rows in the Data Editor

2020-10-20 16.19.25


:raised_hands: Hallelujah

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Did this (or something else) recently break Tab Visibility, though? @Mark

Just thinking out loud, does email is signed in user make sense for tab visibility? With user profiles, the only matching email would only ever be the signed in user. Should it really be Email is Not Empty?

Iโ€™m only using the feature for the template storeโ€ฆwhen someone isnโ€™t previewing as anyone yet, display the instructions tab :wink:

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Just wondering if it would react any differently if you changed your last condition.

I use this a lot. If email empty then showing one thing and if email is not empty different stuff.
To me it was a game changer in the apps accessibility for users


What about delete full row?

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Nice improvement @David

What about duplicating rows?

Sometimes we have to add similar rows and it would be faster duplicating and changing only the column which is different.

I canโ€™t do this duplicating rows in Google sheets when I have RowId Glide Columnsโ€ฆ

letโ€™s go forward :fast_forward:

Why canโ€™t you duplicate a row in Google Sheets? Having a RowID shouldnโ€™t stop you. Just copy all of the columns in a row you want to copy except for the RowID column, and then paste in a new row. Glide will still generate a RowID for you.


Thanks for the suggestion @Jeff_Hager

Youโ€™re right. It works.

Glide generate the RowId when a new row is added in sheets.


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Youโ€™re idea would still be nice for Glide Tables though. :wink:

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@Robert_Petitto The empty row youโ€™re alluding to is the new feature announced in this very post :wink:

As for the tab visibility - thatโ€™s odd. Could you share a support link, please?

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You can delete a row by selecting it in the Data Editor, then holding option and pressing delete/backspace.

Hold option because if you donโ€™t your browser will navigate to the previous page. Glide will still delete the row, but you donโ€™t want the browser to change the page.

Edit: ATTN: Glide - if you can I would prevent browser navigation with the backspace/delete key on the data editor, or at least while rows are selected. This feels like a bug.