Delete Rows from User Profile Sheet

I added a few rows to my Glide Data Editor user-profiles testing something out via a form, but it’s not displaying in my Google Sheet for me to delete, and I can’t delete it from the Glide Data Editor. Is this normal?

Have you tried scrolling down the Sheet to see if they are there?


Yes, that was it! Thanks!

Do you know why that happens?

Do you have any arrayformulas in your Sheet?

I just have Name, Email Address, Avatar and Row ID.

Probably what you can do to prevent this is to clear all empty rows.


Delete them from the Google Sheet? There is nothing in the rows but the first one.

Yes, you should delete all empty rows because Google might see empty rows as “filled” ones and write new rows at the end of the Sheet. It’s a weird API error that’s not in Glide’s control.


Got it! Thanks!

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Jen - is this your “Public” Business Owners sheet? If you add rows to that sheet via Glide, it will break the arrayformulas.

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Oh no it’s my user profiles sheet, when someone creates a profile.