Would appreciate everyone's opinion on my app/ Also do you think it will pass for template?

Link : https://storytelling.glideapp.io/

Please tell me:

-Good things
-Should/Could change
-If something is confusing
-Features/tabs I should add

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to review.


My feedback:

  • Is the search bar necessary on the Home screen?
  • You should initially hide the home screen (if you want to force users to create a profile first)
  • I’d suggest hiding the ‘Complete Profile’ button completely until the required fields are set. Having a button there gives the impression that it can be clicked and you expect something to happen.

Apart from that, nice job :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Darren, Thank you for taking the time to review. Much appreciated!

Was your screen different than this? The button “get started” takes you on the onboarding screen only and before completing it new users cannot see anything else. Was it different for you?
With home screen I wanted new users to have a prior look at app.

I do not want search bar on home either. but it shows this :point_down: :point_down:

Looks very good! My only suggestions would be to filter the list of “other posts” within each post to not include the current one being viewed.

If you don’t want search on your home screen, you’ll have to go through each component on that screen and make sure search is disabled. One of your lists must still have search turned on.

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Done and done. Thank you for taking the take to review. Much appreciated!

Somehow I wasn’t able to set that filter before to not show current post in other posts, but after reading your suggestion, it took me like 2 seconds. :smile:

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Also do you think it would be possible to make writer image clickable so user reaches the writer’s profile when clicked?

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It is. You have to make a relation then put that relation on the post screen.

One suggestion I have is to make the who to follow screen smaller. At the moment you have big circles on that screen. You can have up to 4 circles in a row.


Thank you Santiago for taking time to review! Appreciate it!

Made 2 circles in row.

And what kind of relation I could make as I have only one sheet for all users and If i set inline list there, it shows all writers not just one. There is not specific user page to link to.

I am assuming you have a sheet for users and one for the post, right?

If so, on your pst sheet you should have an author column. then Create a relation where author matches the author name on the author sheet, match multiple if you want to use an inline list or single if you want to use a relation component.

Then on the post screen add either an inline list or a relation component.

Good job … maybe you can hide “Form” on the top of the screen when you tap on floating button :wink:

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I will try that and get back to you.

How can I?

I did try but din’t find any option to remove that.

I think the features tab for the button component has an option to change the form name.

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Tap on your floating button > “Features” and modify “Title”… Let it empty or choose un new title :wink:

Its not the floating button, its a form button that is set as floating button.

Floating button doesn’t allow me the particular thing i wanted to use, so went with form button

Same method :wink:

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I am on free plan, is it possible its for pro plans?

Not for me

Button, Form Button, and Floating button are all the same component. The only difference is the default style and action that’s set when add the component. You can still switch between different styles and actions.

You are in the form. You need to work with the button.


Yes @Jeff_Hager is right… You can do it in Button’s features