Would appreciate everyone's opinion on my app/ Also do you think it will pass for template?

To add to what Darren said, I don’t like that I am required to add a photo. I understand you want the profile to be complete but not everyone wants that available. I think photo should be oprional.

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Agree with you. Even I do not like it when the app has the required image setting.

Then also when people do not have a profile pic on, it looks kinda bad in the overall app to have an empty place in all users tab.

Maybe I will try if I can find a way to set customized pic in case users leave the image empty.

Thank you for taking the take to review and for suggestion. Much appreciated!

Yes, this is what I do. Just have a default avatar pic and use this if users don’t upload their own. I usually make it something silly, as that encourages them to want to replace it :wink:


haha good tip

Hey @shej your app is wonderful!! You make a very god job!! I would like make something like this for my students, so they can send to me their own tellstory. Can you give me a little of your template? :relaxed: