🔥 Add Components to User Profile!

Adding Components to User Profile Screen!


Apparently there’s a bug on iPhones with this.

I guess that’s a release lol


Do you have any good use cases for this? I’m so used to building a Profile tab I don’t know what to do with this release lol.


Use case: Not having to create a Profile tab. :smiley:
But do you guys see an option to edit the Profile details?



I added a hint text and link to terms and conditions :+1:

Felt it was a good place for them (at the moment)

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I agree with @sardamit. I haven’t done it but it was my first thought.

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Would have to be a link to screen with entry fields I guess.

Add a button linking to screen, doesnt works in mobile

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I have a client that didn’t want a separate myProfile screen. Wanted a list of all favorited items across the app:


That’s neat!

Right…I let Glide know about this bug too.


I’m starting to really like this new setup, but really, the thing it needs is the ability to edit User Profile fields straight from this screen. Linking to a screen with text entry fields, etc. isn’t the best process and allows for some fields to be blanked out entirely (can’t be made “required” since they’re not opening in a form/edit environment). I’ve tried setting a minimum length of 1 to my text fields, but the Back button still allows someone to get around that condition and a user could end up leaving their name blank, for example. A true Edit button (or Edit Item Action — even better) would be the best way to make this new setup the only User Profile area anyone should need.


Yeah, not yet too

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A feature request would be Navigate to Tab be able to go to User Profile screen.

This way we can create actions to the app get there after an onboarding screen, for instance


I have found that my users rarely hit the hamburger menu and I question if users would hit the user profile within unless there was a call to action like “Edit Profile”.

p.s. Given Glide’s non-human readable URL structure I am not sure if I can quantify that observation in google analytics.

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Is it possible to make a tab the same as ‘user profile’ ?

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I keep on thinking that it may be difficult for users to find this screen.

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Link to screen isn’t working. Independent screen configuration per item for details isn’t showing Independent configuration.

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