Working with numbers as condition for Visibility

I am trying to show component when variable “Sum [Zone A] [0900]” is less than 25. It works properly if I key in 25.

However this number keeps changing. Instead of coming into Visibility to change it, I would like to reference it to a cell in Google sheet under a particular header. I tried and was surprised that it doesn’t work. The moment I tried to key in a number (25) it works perfectly.

Is this a bug?

Can you show what the associated column in the GDE looks like? Is it a Number column?

Yes it is a number column.


What about your column “Sum [Zone A] [0900]” - that’s also a number column?
Assuming that it is, then it should work. If it’s not, I can’t explain that, sorry.

That’s actually a Rollup column. Maybe it can cannot work with Rollup column.


Might be useful just to show both values on the screen through components. Just to verify the contents and to verify that you are looking at the correct row


It should work with a rollup, and I just did a quick test to confirm that it does.
As Jeff suggested, worth checking that you’re working with the correct row.