Changes in data editor sometimes not saving

My app’s support URL:

This is very annoying:

It’d be very helpful if someone in the Glide Team took a look :smiley:

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What happens when you put a zero in a numeric column instead of blank?

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My numeric column needs to be blank. I have visibility conditions that get affected when I put a 0. I don’t think Glide treats the 0 as the same thing as a blank, does it?

For the sake of just trying it, does the value stick if you put anything other than blank?

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Yup! But does that mean that if I have visibility conditions for blank, and others for 0, they’ll just be the same?

I doubt they would be seen as the same thing. This could still be a bug, but you could play with your visibility conditions, like check for blank OR zero. Or you could try setting the condition to check for less than 1.


Thanks Jeff for the amazing help!!

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