Empty Boolean field issue

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Consider a Sheet (called Display) with two Columns - Content, Private?
Assume I have populated the “Content” column with some text
The functionality I am implementing is to make “Content” visible if “Private?” is FALSE
and that is how the visibility condition is set:


This will not work (Content wont be visible) if Private? is EMPTY but works if I set the condition as

VISIBLE IF Private? is not TRUE

implying an empty BOOLEAN is = NOT TRUE but not equal to FALSE!

Don’t know if this is a BUG or an unintentional feature but certainly is ODD!

To me that’s normal. Blank is neither true, nor false. I always use ‘not True’ when checking for a false condition as it’s a catch all.

Thanks Jeff.
This was not normal for me - discovered it accidentally after many hours on this specific issue.

May be worth mentioning this in the documentation. It could save someones time!

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