Empty Boolean field issue

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Consider a Sheet (called Display) with two Columns - Content, Private?
Assume I have populated the “Content” column with some text
The functionality I am implementing is to make “Content” visible if “Private?” is FALSE
and that is how the visibility condition is set:


This will not work (Content wont be visible) if Private? is EMPTY but works if I set the condition as

VISIBLE IF Private? is not TRUE

implying an empty BOOLEAN is = NOT TRUE but not equal to FALSE!

Don’t know if this is a BUG or an unintentional feature but certainly is ODD!

To me that’s normal. Blank is neither true, nor false. I always use ‘not True’ when checking for a false condition as it’s a catch all.

Thanks Jeff.
This was not normal for me - discovered it accidentally after many hours on this specific issue.

May be worth mentioning this in the documentation. It could save someones time!

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I don’t think this a normal behavior, in Google Sheet FALSE is either FALSE or empty. Since cells in new rows are empty by default, I think Glide should adopt the same logic…

You can add data validation for the whole column and then delete empty rows so new rows adopt the FALSE by default.

No, that doesn’t work because data validation is seen by Glide as a not empty cell, so when adding a new row it will create a new one sheets, leaving a bunch of empty rows in between, and the new row won’t have the data validation. In the example I did data validation until row 69 and then added a new row…

What did you have in the data validation range?

Check Box standard

I mean the range, what did you specify for the range?

E2:E69 for the example.
Obviously I could have chosen E2:E62 and it would have worked, but then when a new line gets created in Row 63, it wouldn’t have the validation.

Shot a quick video here, can you confirm if this applies to your case? I tried adding new rows and it does honor that.

Is the behaviour the same with a Glide added row?

I have faced this case before and this data validation was honored, sorry I didn’t have time to test it with a form.