Visability options have changed? , or is it an error?

I have some components that I only want visible when the underlying data (in Googlesheets) is greater than zero, so I’d included that rule, and all was working fine for years, but recently I noticed that it’s not.

Now that component is no longer displaying even though the value is greater than 0. I notice though, that if I change the Googlesheets formatting from currency to non-formatted numbers that it does work. The thing is, it had worked in the past with the currency formatting in Googlesheets.

Did something change?

You can format a number in glide as currency by editing the column in the data editor. Just make sure it has a numeric column type and you can add a currency symbol. This would probably prevent the issue you are having. The value in the column should be numeric instead of text (due to the currency formatting you applied in the google sheet). Then your visibility should work correctly.

I try to avoid any special formatting or formulas in the google sheet if I can. Most of that can be done in glide, which is better.

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Thank you that worked!

It’s still strange though, that it had worked with the formats in Google, when last I’d looked (a few months ago). Oh well, I’m good to go.

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A lot has changed with the core underlying glide code recently, so some of these loopholes that previously worked may not work now.

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