Cannot display number format properly


If I format one column to Currency, or Currency (Rounded), then the app displays the value properly (e.g $1,000). But if I change the format to Number, or #,##0, then the app display value as 1000, not 1,000 as expected.
Is there any way to have the thousand separator displayed in the app?

Anh Han

I wouldn’t rely on column formatting in the sheet. You have to remember that the sheet is just a database and it’s only intended purpose is to hold data. If you want a number to display as currency or with any particular formatting for numbers, I would set up a new column and use and arrayformula to format the value how you want it to look. You would then display that new column in your app. If you need to edit the value, you would still edit the original column.

=ARRAYFORMULA(TEXT(A2:A, "$#,###0.00"))

Purely guessing here, but the reason the Currency format may be working and the Number format isn’t, may be because the currency is getting converted to a String instead of an Number, whereas the Number format is still stored as a number behind the scenes. I strictly stay away from formatting a column within the sheet. I instead use formulas to get the results I want.

Thank you Jeff, that works for me on display the data properly. However, when inputing data, it seems that we will have to accept the data will be displayed as 1000, cannot be displayed 1,000.

If you are talking about the Number Entry component for example, then yes, it will not show the thousands separator. It only accepts numbers and doesn’t format as you type.

Hi Jeff
Many thanks for your earlier help…
I am having the same issue but cannot seem to resove it I am trying to get a currency result (Euros in my case) -
I have tried the element of your formula "$#,###0.00" in several places in mine below but unable to get a result - where does it go and do I need to change the columns to “text” as they are set as currency - perhaps this causes a conflict.
={“Partner commision”;ArrayFormula(if(len(A2:A),(((G2:G)(H2:H/100))-1),""))}
I am also having the same issue with Precentage % - how would it be expressed ?

Hi Mike, can you show us a screenshot of a portion of your data? What is the result you’re getting with that formula?

A lot has changed in the 7 months since this post. You can do most of this within Glide now.

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Link to spreadsheet … may be more usefull - I have a copy so dont worry aboiut messing with it

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Link to app