💯 Number formats

Number columns can now be formatted in Glide:


Thanks heaps!! :heart::heart::heart:

Top cool ! :+1:t2:

Just stumbled upon this as I was reworking an app! This is awesome!


WOW !!! :hugs: :hugs:



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just in time too! I began searching for a solution to this problem yesterday!

I do have another number format problem with dates though. A few columns in my app work out the difference between two date/times and spits out the result as a number (i.e, 11:50 is formatted as 43897.4930555556) in my sheet.

The value is input from my app into the the sheet using a form component (which requires a date//time selector, when i ONLY need a time selector … more on that here). The sheet also has an array formula to perform the difference calc, which is also formatted in as a number. any suggestions on how to have the results in my sheet automatically formatted to a time format?

Now we just need to have this option in the calculable column

Rollups and other computed columns are supposed to take the number formats from their input columns. They currently don’t, which is a bug, but it’ll be fixed soon, probably Tuesday.


Are you looking for something like this? Just make it part of your arrayformula

=text(F2, "HH:MM")
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no dice :frowning:

Does that mean it didn’t work or it’s not what you want?

apologies, i meant it didnt work for me.

my formula looks like this =ArrayFormula({“Remaining Time”;ArrayFormula(if(len(A2:A)>0,if(G2:G-$J$1<datevalue(“30/12/1899”),0,text(G2:G-$J$1,“HH:MM”)),""))})

It worked for me. The only thing I changed is to convert reenter the double quotes, since they sometimes paste weird in the forum and I changed the 30/12/1899 to 12/30/1899 since I’m in the US. You shouldn’t have to change the date to MM/DD/YYYY, but try this formula with the corrected double quotes.

=ArrayFormula({"Remaining Time";ArrayFormula(if(len(A2:A)>0,if(G2:G-$J$1<datevalue("30/12/1899"),0,text(G2:G-$J$1,"HH:MM")),""))})

Thank you @Mark you are the guy

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Update - it did work for me in the end, i think there was a bug in the sheet because the format didn’t update until I checked again the next day. Only problem is that it broke formula in another cell that was expecting a date value where it was now getting text.

To be honest, I was looking a solution that was human readable, but i’ve gone back to the old way as I need the other formula’s to work. I’m based in the UK so i’ve got the dates the other way round.

Thanks again

You can always have 2 columns with formulas. One for the other formulas, and one for the human readable version that used for display only.

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