Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions on how to make this workflow work without duplicating a sheet. So basically customer selects Redeem offer. I’ve updated the button component to show a detailed view. Obviously, the button component still shows (can’t figure out how hide it (I suspect I can use an increment as a condition) for the second screen. The second screen will be a button bar with left being back and incrementing back the number so the initial redeem button will show and the right will be another detailed view with another button to go back to home.

This will all obviously be user-specific. I think I might be tieing myself in knots here but don’t want to duplicate a sheet if I don’t have to.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure that I completely get it, but maybe you are looking for the Show New Screen → This Item action?

For conditionally hiding buttons and other components, you just need to set a column value that can be used to determine whether to show or hide. It can be a boolean, number, text, whatever. And yes, it generally should be user specific.

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