Can you hide components or screens based screen id?

How to hide component on specified screen?
I have details screen and i whant to use it in a differrent screens but i need to hide some components of this details screen depend the specified screens. I don’t whant to use actions to mark the screens, because some flow (for example thru tabs cant be marked by action) also it costs updates.

I don’t know what you mean… but if you want to reuse the same screens for different purposes… I don’t think there is any other way than a mark in USC before opening the screen… it should not cost edit if the user is not signed in.

Would the condition on the components on that detail screen be based on which row you are viewing, or are you saying that you want to view the same row, but depending on how you navigate to that screen to view that row, you want to see different components? Can you explain your use case in more detail?

Not depends rows. depends screen id.
I have Prived Edit office tab in which i have action row componet to do edit action
And i have common view tab which uses the same detail screen but need to hide edit components

Do you have screenshots to help us get a better visual?

For now the trigger to hide edit component is: if current user is the owner of this record so hi can edit, but i need to hide edit component on common view to let owner to check how another users will see they item

Well, if you want to reuse the same screen, then yes, in this case you would need to do something such as setting a value in the user profile with a custom action, and then set conditions on the edit button based on the value in the user profile. Obviously not what you are wanting to do. I don’t believe there is any reliable way to set conditions based on the screen ID, or the navigation path to that detail screen.

The alternative would be change one of your collections to Show New Screen instead of Show Detail Screen. You would have to copy all of the components from the detail screen to the new screen, and you would then have two separate screens to maintain.

I don’t think I have a very good solution in this case.

Thanks, Jeff!
Yes i know that it not possible without action.
But action not solving to 100% because the tab movement un acting.
Yes two copies is solving problem but gives another: if you need to change so you must to do double work.
Anyway thanks! I just whanted to check is no way to detect screen id. Also not through code column
I think floating button will be enough. But there no it now.

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Thanks, Uzo!
There will be signed and unsigned users together.

I still don’t know what is the conditions for someone to see the edit button… is this what you want to hide?

Yes it is

Condition to some one is in touch editing. Most part will be on mobile and we have no flying button to friendly switch to edit mode. Expexted behavor is in place editind( in touch) , no need to scroll and find edit button.
May be temporary solution is to use flying button on smartphones and to disable this button on desctop(because on descton in not work) May be