How to show different Details screens of the same item

I have an app with different types of users, students and teachers. I set up a details screen for the students when they view an item (it could be their own profile or school project). However, when setting up the details screen for the teacher, which should be different, glide automatically recreates the same detail screen for the students previously created.

So now I’m forced to hide all the items I don’t want the teachers to vew using visibility conditions which I find time consuming.

Is there no easier way to create a different details screen of the same item?

You should use a custom action with the “show new screen” action for your teacher’s screen. This way, it acts as if it were a detail screen for the second scenario (detail screen for teachers), allowing you to avoid setting visibility.

Owk. Great. Thank you so much.
Let me try this

You can also leverage using containers to group components that should fall under the same parent condition.