[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] Community Challenge: Five Years of Glide 🎉

Say hello to our Five Years of Glide challenge winners!

Learn more about the winners in our post on the Glide blog:

Original announcement for posterity:

We’re celebrating Glide’s fifth anniversary in December while wrapping up our Year of Power.

To mark the occasion, we challenge you to share the Glide apps you’re most proud of!

Your submitted apps can be new apps or Classic apps. Winners will be chosen by the Glide team. We’re looking for creativity, ingenuity, functionality, and practicality.

There’s no limit on the number of Glide apps you can submit. Just make sure that your posts don’t include any personal information like names, email addresses, etc.

Requirements :white_check_mark:

  • Post and tag Glide on LinkedIn, YouTube or X (Twitter)
  • Show us your app using video or screenshots
  • Tell us about your app. What does it do? Why did you create it?

Rewards :trophy:

Five winners will receive…

  • $100 in Glide credit for the team of their choice
  • Recognition on the Glide community, blog, and social

Dates :calendar:

  • Entry deadline is December 10th
  • Glide team will choose winners on December 11th
  • Winners will be announced on December 12th

Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you’ve built.


Looks like I’ll have to go first then :smiley:

App : schoolyyy.com
Tagline : Teaching.Transformed!
Purpose : Content generation tool for teachers & educators

Schoolyyy had evolved throughout the year from another app I originally posted here in the Glide forums called Reecord.ai. There was a small educational angle in that app that picked up most feedback so I decided to pivot and focus on the educational side of things completely.

In it’s current form Schoolyyy creates content such as Lessons Plans , Class Quizzes , Homework Assignments and more. You can save & manage your lessons . create custom content from existing files/text. The ability to translate and adapt content to different languages and reading levels was one feature requested most often from early users.

With the updates from OpenAI recently I’ve managed to add some image generation , TTS , Chatbot & putting the final touches on an AI assessment tool which would grade work uploaded by students using the Vision API.

My goal is for this to be an end to end tool for teachers to create , manage , customise & assess all from within the app.

Unfortunately now I have to begin marketing it more than building it, so the fun is paused for now at least :sweat_smile:

If any one has any questions , feel free to reach out or sign up on the site to give it a go.


Looks promising

Hola @NoCodeAndy !

I was going to ask where to post my APP and its features because I couldn’t know how people would see all the APPS submitted via LinkedIn or Twitter. Anyway, here is my APP launched months ago as demo and proof of concept.

I will soon add some AI features to create automatic charts based on user needs and make the app a little smarter.

APP: https://myfactory.glide.page
Tagline: A Mobile Supervisory System based on Glide
Purpose: Glide working as GUI/Front-end for IoT projects
Description: Further details and a better explanation of my APP here 🚨 Glide working as GUI for IIoT projects
LinkedIn post: Gustavo A. Valero P. on LinkedIn: #glideapps #iiot #iot #vnode

Happy weekend… saludos!


I have put together for a friend in Tasmania, Australia a My Medications app which she is finding very useful for her when she visits the GP or Specialists or other health professionals here in Aussie land.

I created a wee video of a walkthrough of the app (via the web version).

It’s a simple little app however includes all relevant information that a person requires at their finger tips, including however not limited to a day countdown for when she will need to obtain a new script from her Dr as well as a repeat script countdown on how many repeats are remaining.

The video is a tad bit rough and ready however you will gain an overall overview of the app.

Not to mention that all family members can be included into the app user account so all medications pertaining to specific family members can be included .

Any and all feedback welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

My Medications App

Individual users of the app can only see their family members and medications for each family member when they access the app.

Thank you for the opportunity to include this app for your review.

Who remembers Buffalo Burger? I think the vast majority of you who have been here the longest, don’t you?

I’m very excited to announce the release of the new version of the Buffalo Burger app, now in version 4.0 for Glide’s 5th birthday celebration! :star_struck::partying_face::tada:

This new version is much more robust and complete than the previous version, released in 2020. The old version only had the customer view, admin view and delivery man view.

Looking forward to seeing this new version? Let’s go then!

Click in image below

linkedin-artigos 2


Ha. Buffalo burger is what put you on the map for your design skills. Looking forward to checking this out.

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True Bob :smile:

On this one I worked not only on the design but also on the features for all areas of a restaurant (not just burger restaurants)

All feedback is welcome!

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I’m thrilled to participate in Glide’s fifth-anniversary celebration and the Year of Power wrap-up! I’ve taken this fantastic opportunity to showcase one of the Glide apps I’ve developed, which I’m particularly proud of.

I’ve shared a detailed post on LinkedIn, where you can find an in-depth look at my app. The post includes a comprehensive explanation, along with visuals, to give you a clear view of what my app is all about. Here’s the link to the post: LinkedIn Post


Update: We have our winners!

They’ve been contacted already, we’re just gathering details.

Look for an announcement later this week. :+1:

Congratulations to all our challenge winners!

@sebbshergill @nocodeapes @Juanesngtz @gvalero :tada:


Congrats guys! Awesome work :clap:

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Congratulations to the winners!