Community Challenge: Win $1000 with Glide Actions [Updated With Winners]⚡️

UPDATE: We have our winners! :tada:

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our first-ever Glide Community Challenge for the new Glide Actions and Integrations.

We had a ton of amazing entries from Gliders all around the world, and we had a ton of fun watching the demos of what you all built.

This was a very hard decision, but we do have a winner:

Congratulations to Lucas Pires from Lution for his submission, Mamma mIA :man_cook:

Lucas (@Lucas_Pires) combined the power of Glide Actions with OpenAI and DocsAutomator to create a useful app. He put together a great demo for it, and then went above and beyond with a written article on LinkedIn explaining what he built.

Congrats, Lucas! We’ll be in touch with your prize.

We have five runners up, including an Editor’s Pick:

All runners-up will receive a special Challenge Winner badge here in the community.

Special mention

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

See you for the next Glide Community Challenge. :muscle:

Original challenge post, for posterity:

Hello Gliders!

To celebrate the launch of Glide Actions, we’re hosting our first Glide Community Challenge.

The challenge is simple:

Build an app using the new Glide Actions and integrations.

Here’s how it works:

Criteria :white_check_mark:

  • Build a new Glide app
  • Include a custom action and at least one integration
  • App can be public or private

To enter :inbox_tray:

  • Record a video walking through what you built (we’re fans of Loom)
  • Share it on LinkedIn or Twitter with brief description of your app
  • Include #glideactions and tag Glide – Twitter or LinkedIn

The prizes :trophy:

  • Top 5 entries get a Challenge Winner badge here in the community
  • One winner will receive a grand prize of $1000 USD

Deadline :alarm_clock:

  • Wednesday, June 14th at 9pm PST

Entries are open to all plan levels and there’s no limit on the number of apps you can submit.

Winners will be chosen by the Glide team following our round table on June 15th.

We can’t wait to see what you build!


This is going to be exciting! Ready…set…BUILD!


So, let’s play the game…


To be clear, is Glide judging the entire app or just the action within that app? Are they only judging a single custom action (which includes an integration) or on all of the custom actions/integrations we happen to use within the app?

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I’m pretty sure it’s the entire app bob

Great question @Robert_Petitto!

Including a custom action and integration is the minimum criteria.

As @Lucas_Pires called out, we’re looking at the app as a whole.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

This is exciting ! I have a question : The app needs to be brand new ? or is it possible to present a recent project that uses Glide Actions? thanks

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The app as a whole… but only the “whole” that we show in our Loom video? Hah, that leaves room for dirty closets :stuck_out_tongue:

I could use a Glide badge. Time to get to work!


Es posible que se pueda participar en el sorteo utilizando una app que ya esté en uso?

We don’t want to risk any sensitive information being shared accidentally.

That’s why we’re asking for new apps. :slight_smile:

Google translated:
No queremos correr el riesgo de que se comparta accidentalmente información confidencial.
Es por eso que estamos pidiendo nuevas aplicaciones. :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick example of how we’re using actions in Glide…

With the launch today of @glideapps
actions, here are a few we’re using in our own custom dashboard at @LowCodeAgency

Users can ask a question about a project. Who’s in charge, status, due dates, tasks, etc. We integrated this action with @OpenAI


When someone requests days off, we have an action that creates a new record, sends a push notification to the admin (me), as well as sends a @SlackHQ channel to our #hr channel


Another one… when our team members submit their invoice via our dashboard, we’re generating both a PDF and a CSV file of the invoice with @PDFMonkey


I’m really excited about @glideapps actions because it makes the process of building apps for businesses faster, easier and better for everyone!


is this competition for all plans? higher plans have way more options i assume.

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No offence to any of the Gliders on this platform but if we had to vote for the winner and I had the deciding vote, I would give the $1000 to @Robert_Petitto
He is by far the “actions” man for most of these new actions for me…

This is my personal opinion :hugs:


Hey @Luther! Thanks for the kind words, but I’d want to earn it just like anyone else :innocent:

I’ve seen some crazy cool and creative actions / solutions from other Gliders that rival what any expert could create.

I can’t wait to see the entries start coming in—fresh ideas for the future!


Wow! :heart_eyes: So many things happened faster and this would be a cool challenge! :smiley:

Let’s build within 3 days! :raised_hands:


Reminder: Today’s the last day to enter!

Remember to tag your posts with #glideactions and tag Glide on Twitter or LinkedIn (depending on where you post). We’re loving the entries we’ve seen so far…! :raised_hands: