🚨 Glide working as GUI for IIoT projects

Hi everyone!

Most of you know my love for real-time applications and industrial process monitoring. Taking advantage of the fact that Glide has improved its capabilities and has powerful new tools, I made a new demo to simulate a small SCADA system to monitor 18 variables (I/O signals) .

My laptop simulates values from my virtual Factory (pressure, temperature, status ON/OFF, etc) and using a software working as “IoT Gateway” I can collect the data associated to my 18 variables and log all this to a Google Sheet every 30 sec.

Later, my App reads that data constantly via Google Sheet API calls (no automatic or manual Glide updates, I mean my app doesn’t consume Glide’s update quota) and any user can monitor the factory process regularly in a safe manner.

You will able to see how the devices’ data change every 30 sec on screens automatically while you monitor or analyze how the factory is working. Although I set the data update to 30 seconds, I could have set it to 10 seconds (faster) but I didn’t want to force a situation that is not normally intended for this type of solution.

A system like it can have an update rate every 3, 5, 10 min (or more) depending on the process to be controlled.

The APP has some technical tricks and advance animations/chart to help users to understand the data and the process (well… I hope so! :woozy_face:)


I made a little video as trailer and help, you can watch it here Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

And of course, anyone can test my demo clicking on https://myfactory.glide.page

Thanks in advance for testing my idea.

Gracias y feliz día!

Some caveats to keep in mind, please:

  • My laptop and my IoT gateway (a software) work as a data simulator so thy must be on obviously. I’m going to keep my laptop ON and running as much as I can. If there is any failure regarding data updating, probably the cause is generated by my internet or my laptop was shutdown… sorry!

  • The APP has a better view working on desktop. Unfortunately, using a phone doesn’t look like very well.

  • My APP or idea is not perfect, so any suggestion or clever idea to improve it is welcome.

  • In a real scenario, my devices (sensors, PLC, SCADA, IoT devices, etc.) may be sending their data to my data source directly on a web or my IoT gateway works as a single data collector and sends all to my data source (Google Sheet or other database) in a synchronized way.


Nice! You can add the current date to the fetch parameters… and it will update it every 10 seconds :wink:
The charts are super cool! And gages… super extra cool!!!

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Thanks for testing!

yes, you are right. I know and use that trick as well: the “t” parameter

The APP is reading and making API requests every 10 sec although my data is changing and being saved every 30 sec. I left that function to test how the app works for days (abusing this) and so far the performance is still normal.
I will fix it once I get a real customer with a real process in order to avoid unnecessary API calls.

Gracias de nuevo!

You can make a lot of API calls… don’t worry about that :wink:
You can make 300 per minute… so 50 users at the same time using your App…
And if you have a Workspace account is 3000 per minute… 10x more for just $12/month

BTW, you are covering your LInk in the screenshot… but do you know that everybody can see it? :wink:
Protect your Spreadsheets! I see that you don’t have any sensitive data there… but just to be alert, you left your sheets and scripts wild open…

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When I read about these limits given by Google weeks ago to use their Google Sheet API I knew that I had to use and test them and so far, everything works without trauma.

I almost forgot thanking @Jeff_Hager for his help and clever code to create dynamic animations based on HTML. Your idea and code shown here generated my animations:


Cheers Jeff … que tengas un increíble fin de semana!


Hi @Bungchow_IDEApps … I think it can be useful for you.


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I’m gonna see your app. Thanks @gvalero :+1: :+1: