Import any API into your Google Sheet

Hi guys,
I’ve been playing with
It’s a cool app that allows you to bring API data into your google sheet, without creating scripts or coding.
I’ve been speaking with the founder, and he recorded this video on how to bring data from an API into the sheet, and display it in Glide:
Import Stock Data & Create App From Google Sheets (Apipheny + Glide Demo) - Y

Hope you find it useful!


Is this what you were recording yesterday?

Yes. I was using this, it’s interesting when you’ve no idea how to code.

Anyways, Glide has a roadmap to build a little postman inside builder. It’ll be a lot easier to implement any kind of API.
It’ll ultimately benefit faster retrieving data to the app. It’s been struggle when updating back to the app from sheets.
Glide maybe taking 15 to 20 seconds to refresh values.

Let’s see, what happens.

Uuufff… great tip Jesus!

I used to use another Add-On called API Importer but they are out of market and I think Apipheny does almost the same.

They had a custom function called API() which was wonderful and powerful, the best thing was the fact, you could reference a cell as a status flag or trigger so, if that cell changes its value, your API call is executed and the data is updated. No script nor timed trigger!!

Here you can see how they showed this function:

But I can see that Apipheny has a something similar with APIPHENY() function. I going to test it and I hope it has the same features that the API() function mentioned above.

Gracias @eltintero

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15 to 20 sec to refresh values? What API are you using that lasts so long?

In my demo IIoT APP where my laptop works as server and replies external calls (and I have a poor upload speed too), the updating lasts 8-10 sec but if I had used a Webhook, the process would last 4-6 sec.

Of course, while more data is requested, the updating will last more (my demo uses 12 variables)

Saludos Joshi.

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I’m talking about refreshing sheets data to glideapp.

First of all, I’ve Pro Apps, which are enabled auto refresh when someone using it.

When I trigger an API or Webhook from glideapp itself, the API response writes to the sheet. And sheets will send data to GlIde.

So, in most cases, we want realtime response in app.

Well, my demo is using a Pro plan too and does the same what you are writing otherwise, the updating would be slower…


When I press the button highlighted in yellow, a value is sent to my GS (the button turns to red) , this fires a script and requests an API call which is replied by my laptop, the newer data is written into GS and waits to be read by Glide about 3-4 sec. When Glide finally reads my GS, my updating button turns back to blue and the operation is over.

You can test it here without problems



Nice. I need to test more on this.
Thanks :v:

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