Let's get your app + Glide covered in your local news

Our community is the foundation of so much of what we do at Glide. We’re so grateful for every bug report, feature request, and :heart: that we receive on this forum. Sometimes we even worry that @Jeff_Hager and @George_B have become addicted to helping others here!

We’re a young company and very few people know about us yet, but we have a lot to offer and we’re a leading player in the emerging trend of ‘no-code’ app development. This is a huge story that hasn’t broken yet in any of the major news outlets. The people who like to make predictions in Silicon Valley tend to list ‘no-code’ at the top of their lists for 2020, for what that’s worth.

I’d like to collaborate with you on breaking this story, but in a community-driven way. I’m looking for ten community members who will work directly with me to get stories published in local news about your apps built with Glide.

The pitch:

  • You’ve built an app with Glide for your community, local business, etc.
  • You’re non-technical, but you had a specific idea or insight that you were able to bring to life with Glide.
  • Your app is a success–people are actually using it!

If you find someone to cover this story, I am at your disposal for a phone call or Skype to explain Glide, no-code, discuss your app project, etc. If you’re interested, here’s what you should do:

  • Figure out the local news source that could cover this story
  • Find their story submission/contact form
  • Submit a story idea about the app you’ve built and the impact it’s had on your community
  • Include these links about Glide: Glide in 90 seconds and Launch Article.
  • Tell them that Glide’s CEO (me!) is available to talk to them about it at any time.

If they respond with interest, give them my email: david@glideapps.com

Anyone who gets a story published with a link to glideapps.com before April 1 will get a year of Glide Pro, a Glide t-shirt, and a free ticket to our first Glide conference (we haven’t planned one yet but we will!).

I look forward to telling our stories together!


Great idea David. I was having the same to do in IL.
I’m building an app for a non profit org for the coming holiday which they will distribute to thousands of people. The app allows users to choose a synagogue in which they will put a donation box for collecting money for the poor (the non profit org is helping hundreds of families every year).
I was planing to try and make an article in the biggest tech on line site in Israel so your mail came on the best time :wink:.
Will keep you updated.


Challenge accepted! We’re launching Maricopa Healthy in Phoenix, AZ in early March so this is perfect timing; we planned on trying to get some earned media. I’ll keep you posted. Thx


Yes, I may have a problem. Maybe someday I’ll work on my own projects. :wink:


Your “problem” is to our benefit. :wink: A big thank you to both you and @George_B for your willingness to share your time and expertise to help others…much appreciated! Thx!


Love this.

ps. I’m happy to help with the conference :wink:


I’d be interested in but not ready to deploy, even if I have already end customers ready to try, test, and pay for my app. A White app fully customizable for shops, restaurants, bars, plumbers, grandma and who you want, for personal or business purposes.

I need some additional features for which I am currently looking for workarounds, plugging to other apps or frameworks.

Haha, I would love it - I just miss the “success” part of the story :wink:

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You’ll get there!

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Great idea David! I love it :raised_hands:

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Very nicely done. I was just checking your app out.

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Hi @david,

Our apps have been featured in 3 differents local reports, here in Belgium, and I’ve been invited on national radio to talk about it :slight_smile:

Here are the links:


Hey, Mike. I appreciate the feedback and you taking time to check out the app! If you see anything we could do better or have any suggestions on how to better implement Glide components to improve the app, please let me know. Thx!

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@davanac that is awesome! :+1:t4:

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Works for India too?

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I guess many technical people are building with glide too. I am one.

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Amazing idea @david, I will do my best to achieve something like that in the Brazilian market, I know that you already have other users here and I think that Glide is an amazing tool for many business in Brazil.

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I worked with Thomas Dahm - an expert here - to create the unDavos app during the World Economic Forum week in Davos end of Jan - and plan to do a lot more with it during the year. Happy to share the story! Now sitting in SF working out how to replicate the people-location app, Dopplr in Glide - and some other cool things.

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